Tech Bytes

Another week in the books. Of course, the hot story of the week (at least in MY Twitter feed) was the college admissions scandal involving Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman (among others). I won't share all of my thoughts here, but I was obviously disappointed to see Stanford involved in any way. We received a … Continue reading Tech Bytes

Death By The $10 Monthly Subscription

One of my favorite phrases of 2018 went a little something like this... "It's only $10 a month!" Before the internet exploded, subscriptions seemed limited to a) magazines and newspapers, or b) total ripoff service like the Columbia Mail Order CD Club (please tell me someone else remembers this?!). Now, of course, you can literally … Continue reading Death By The $10 Monthly Subscription

2019 TIRL Holiday Gift Guide — Treat Yo’ Self Edition

This isn't a Holiday gift guide to help you figure out what to buy for your friends and family. Nope. This is a POST-Holiday gift guide to help you discover tech toys you didn't receive as a gift and should go buy for YOURSELF. Yes, the Holidays are a season for giving. And giving is … Continue reading 2019 TIRL Holiday Gift Guide — Treat Yo’ Self Edition

2019 New Year’s Tech Housekeeping

As I've been scrolling around the web for the past couple of weeks I've seen a lot of hot takes on 2019 "New Year's Resolutions". I don't know if people are truly sick of the word (or maybe more the idea of) resolutions, or if they're just trying to think of a more clever way … Continue reading 2019 New Year’s Tech Housekeeping

What’s in a Name? + HitchSwitch

Names are funny. You have no control over the name you're given. You're born and your parents slap a name on your birth certificate and bam, you're stuck with it for life. Mostly. I guess there ARE ways to change your first name, although unless your parents do something like this to you, you'll probably just stick … Continue reading What’s in a Name? + HitchSwitch

Stop the (SPAM) Madness + RoboKiller App

Does anyone else feel like spam phone calls and robocalls are OUT. OF. CONTROL?! They are like an unstoppable force that we've learned to live with because we have no freakin' idea how to stop them. Telemarketer calls (especially calls to your cell phone), used to be only slightly annoying because they happened so infrequently. But … Continue reading Stop the (SPAM) Madness + RoboKiller App

Tech Bytes

Saturday Tech Bytes last week...Sunday Tech Bytes this week. What. Is. Happening. I promise they'll be back to their regularly scheduled Friday slot soon. Life's just coming at me fast right now. We're visiting C's family in South Carolina, and between playing with a pack of (ok, four) dogs, chasing a baby around, and all … Continue reading Tech Bytes

Tech Tidbits: iPhone, Where Art Thou?

Last weekend while I was taking a walk, I found an iPhone in the public restroom at our local park. As I'm sure many have done before, and many will do again, it was left sitting atop the toilet paper holder. Because I'm so attached to my gadgets, my first thought was about the panic … Continue reading Tech Tidbits: iPhone, Where Art Thou?

Tech Bytes

This week's Tech Bytes are uncharacteristically sliding into your Saturday morning. A combination of the fact that we have a new puppy, and...well, that's really it. We have a new puppy that has turned our lives upside down. In (mostly) a good way! More on him later. If you're like us, you're sitting at home … Continue reading Tech Bytes