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Another week in the books. Of course, the hot story of the week (at least in MY Twitter feed) was the college admissions scandal involving Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman (among others). I won’t share all of my thoughts here, but I was obviously disappointed to see Stanford involved in any way. We received a note/apology from the University President, but it’s just another example of how (almost) everything in this world can be bought. What a sad statement to say out loud. Almost equally as sad (ok, not really), Lori Loughlin lost her Hallmark Movie deal and will no longer be gracing my television during our holiday movie binges. Tragic. At least we still have Candace Cameron Bure.

With that, here are this week’s Tech Bytes — hope they give you a laugh or two!

1. Well, this is depressing. Is it possible that maybe they’re actually robots?

2. We’ve all heard of “internships”, but what about “returnships”? As I see more and more of my closest friends leaving the workforce to raise their families, I can only hope that something like this sticks, because taking time off to stay at home with your children shouldn’t signal the end of your career if you don’t want it to. Side note: I HATEEE Forbes’ website, so I’m sorry to have to link you there. I have almost gotten to the point where I won’t click on an article if I see it lives on their site. Garbage banner ads everywhere, videos that pop-up and scroll down the page and cover what you’re trying to read. What a sell-out, dumpster-fire it has become. Blech.

3. I’ve always marveled at how BAD celebrity/athlete statues can turn out. Brandi Chastain is my all-time fave. I mean, REALLY?! For crying out loud, they aren’t done by a 7th-grade art student, they are done by professionals that I assume get PAID for their work. But 99% of the time, they reveal these things and I’m immediately in tears over how hilariously frightening and horrific they turned out. I can only imagine what the person being “honored” thinks. Maybe it’s harder than I think to capture the likeness of someone in bronze, but if so, perhaps we should abandon this tradition altogether. The latest example was David Beckham, but this one comes with a small (and hilarious) twist…

4. You guys know how interested I am in the dilemma that technology and social media creates for parents (and for kids themselves). So I thought this was an excellent take on the topic, and addresses how one of my favorite tech writers (Joanna Stern at the WSJ) is handling posting (or not posting) photos of her son on social media. If C and I are blessed with children someday, this is a problem I will gladly tackle head-on, but man, it sure is a doozy.

5. And finally, I’m not the biggest college basketball fan out there, but I do enjoy March Madness. For anyone ELSE that is interested in either a) watching, or b) trying to win your office/friend circle bracket challenge, here are the deets on where to catch the selection show and hence, how much time you have to submit a bracket. And if you don’t feel like clicking: the men’s selection show is this Sunday, and the games start on Tuesday!

We don’t have a whole lot planned for the weekend — C is a golf fanatic so he’ll be watching the Players Championship, which will give ME a chance to potentially binge an Emilia-only show that we’ll never watch together. These shows usually consist of baking contests, true-crime documentaries, and Lifetime movies. Can’t wait! We do have one adult thing on the agenda — car shopping. This is a saga I’ll save for another day, but all I have to say is, when did cars become so darn expensive?! Not to mention that talking to car salesmen could not be ANY lower on my list of “ways I want to spend my weekend”. But sometimes duty calls and you gotta be a grown-up. Wish us luck and enjoy the weekend, friends!

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