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Emilia loves sports and burgers. The latter so much, that she and some friends started a Burger Club in New Orleans. She’s from Cincinnati, worked at Google and Twitter, and now lives in New Orleans after getting her MBA at Tulane. Follow her on InstagramTwitter and G+ where you’re likely to find a whole lotta pictures of donuts.

Rebecca loves playing with fonts and Google docs, eating cookies, and occasionally doing yoga outside. She’s a New Orleans native who finally moved back home (yay!) after seven years working for Google, Yahoo, and a start-up in San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles. 2016 was a big year for her, and brought a brand new addition to the Maught squad. Follow her on InstagramTwitter,  G+.

Emilia and Rebecca share a love of The Mindy Project, donuts (especially from The Doughnut Vault in Chicago), Trader Joe’s (and FINALLY have our very own in NOLA) and discussing the latest nerdy apps/sites/tech news.

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