Stop the (SPAM) Madness + RoboKiller App

Does anyone else feel like spam phone calls and robocalls are OUT. OF. CONTROL?! They are like an unstoppable force that we've learned to live with because we have no freakin' idea how to stop them. Telemarketer calls (especially calls to your cell phone), used to be only slightly annoying because¬†they happened so infrequently. But … Continue reading Stop the (SPAM) Madness + RoboKiller App

Tech Bytes

Saturday Tech Bytes last week...Sunday Tech Bytes this week. What. Is. Happening. I promise they'll be back to their regularly scheduled Friday slot soon. Life's just coming at me fast right now. We're visiting C's family in South Carolina, and between playing with a pack of (ok, four) dogs, chasing a baby around, and all … Continue reading Tech Bytes

Tech Tidbits: iPhone, Where Art Thou?

Last weekend while I was taking a walk, I found an iPhone in the public restroom at our local park. As I'm sure many have done before, and many will do again, it was left sitting atop the toilet paper holder. Because I'm so attached to my gadgets, my first thought was about the panic … Continue reading Tech Tidbits: iPhone, Where Art Thou?

Tech Bytes

This week's Tech Bytes are uncharacteristically sliding into your Saturday morning. A combination of the fact that we have a new puppy, and...well, that's really it. We have a new puppy that has turned our lives upside down. In (mostly) a good way! More on him later. If you're like us, you're sitting at home … Continue reading Tech Bytes

Makin’ Groceries + Amazon/Whole Foods App

Living in New Orleans for the past 6 years has been, well, interesting to say the least. As someone who grew up in the Midwest (what's up, Ohio!), and had lived in pretty much every region of the country EXCEPT the South, I don't think I could have ever imagined just how unique and different … Continue reading Makin’ Groceries + Amazon/Whole Foods App

Tech Bytes

Guys. We're THIRTY DAYS out! I know I've been terrible about giving you regular updates on all of my wedding planning activities, and most of you probably couldn't care less about the part-time job that COSTS me money, that I've willingly taken on. But here we are. 30 days. Crazy. When we got engaged back … Continue reading Tech Bytes

Tech Tidbits: WTF, ILY, OMW, and more

This is one of those hidden features on your phone that, once you find out about it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Seriously, I think it's THAT game-changing. Ok, so maybe I'm overselling it...but maybeee I'm not. I'll let you be the judge. If you're anything like me, you probably feel like … Continue reading Tech Tidbits: WTF, ILY, OMW, and more

Life Through a New Lens: Learning DSLR Photography

I have always had a thing for photography. Taking my own photos, of course. But also just admiring the beautiful¬†photos that others take. I have followed quite a few photographers on Instagram for years, and love to see what brilliant shot they are going to imagine up next. They don't even have to be true … Continue reading Life Through a New Lens: Learning DSLR Photography

New Year’s Tech Housekeeping

I know people have mixed feelings about New Year's Resolutions. Most of my friends and family think they are silly or don't bother with them because they "know they'll never keep them." I don't always make an official list, but with the start of a new year comes at least a perceived fresh start. If … Continue reading New Year’s Tech Housekeeping