why TIRL

Having both worked for two large tech companies in non-engineering roles over the past several years, we’ve always been surrounded by tech-loving people. Our co-workers were genuinely excited about a new app or about an interesting new person they found to follow on Twitter. People would share tips and new websites over lunch. And the excitement was contagious.

It also became apparent that not all of our friends had the same exposure to such an environment. Most didn’t test out new technology often, or in some cases at all. So we became the source of information for many of our friends, family, and coworkers when they wanted to choose a new TV or cell phone, or check out a new app. And we realized if our networks had these questions, a lot of other people probably did as well. So we’re writing this blog to share our tech enthusiasm with the masses. And to show how we use tech to make life easier. And more fun. Hence the title, Tech in Real Life.

If you’re scared of technology, we’re here to make it friendly and clear.
If you already have a handle on the basics, we’re here to get you to the next level.
And if you already love technology, we’re here to expose you new things.

Each week we’ll highlight a tool, an app, or a website, showcasing how we’ve used it. We want this to be a tech blog with a lifestyle twist. We hope you enjoy our adventures and please let us know if you have topics you’d like us to cover!

Emilia & Rebecca

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