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It’s HOT in New Orleans right now. It hasn’t exactly been COOL here since April, but the summer is absolutely brutal. We hate it. Our dog hates it. I question anyone’s sanity that DOESN’T hate it. I think back to my days in Chicago and have the recurring internal debate around which is worse — a Chicago winter, or a Louisiana summer. And you know, I’m just not sure at this point. I think it’s one of those “grass-is-always-greener” things, and as I sit in a pool of my own sweat (indoors) I can’t help but long for the cooler temps of the Midwest. Otherwise, we can’t really complain. Life is good. We’ve made it halfway through this pregnancy with no major issues, and my second trimester officially feels like the “calm before the storm”. So here’s to continuing to take it one day at a time — because November will be here before we know it!

Here are this week’s Tech Bytes!

1. Although we generally try to limit our TV consumption, I’m always on the lookout for good options to add to our running list of “Shows to Watch”. When it come to “C+E shows” — ones that we watch together — it’s usually “old” shows (versus shows that came out in 2018/2019). This is mostly because a) we like to have more than one season to binge on (and by more than one, we prefer like, 10-15), and b) they just seem to fit our combined taste a little better. C isn’t usually a fan of the newest/trendiest shows on Netflix so I will sometimes download those to my iPad and watch them while we’re traveling. Of course there are exceptions. Case in point, we’re currently binging the latest season of Stranger Things. But overall this New York Times article that listed its “20 Best Dramas Since The Sopranos'” hit the spot. I grabbed “The Americans” off of it and we’re enjoying it so far (albeit at a slightly slower pace). Spoiler alert: Game of Thrones did NOT make the list — and while you KNOW I’m a huge GOT fan girl, I actually don’t disagree with the diss!

2. Has a stranger ever tried to AirDrop you something in public? Backing up, if you don’t know what AirDrop is, read this first. The one time someone BOLDLY tried to do it to me, I was in the airport and it was NOT a wholesome photo. But immediately after it happened I thought to myself, “Do people really just AirDrop random photos to people they don’t know?!” And then my next thought was, “I should totally use this as a prank on my Mom”. Well, leave it to the cleverly mischievous teenage generation to take the ability to wirelessly share photos to a whole new level. Adults, you have been warned!

3. As a HUGE proponent (and user) of sunscreen, this “trend” made me chuckle. I’m all for natural, less-processed alternatives to products that appear to be chock-full of potentially harmful chemicals, but let’s not pretend whipping up homemade sunscreen is as easy (and effective) as throwing together a gluten-free healthier alternative to store-bought brownies.

4. I’ve been fascinated by the “Impossible Burger” even since I first saw a Tweet about sometime last year. At the time it was only available at a couple of places in California, but now Burger King (and a few other fast-food-ish chains) are taking the faux-meat burger mainstream. While I do eat (and like) meat, I don’t eat a TON of red meat, so I’m definitely interested in giving this version of a meatless burger a try. Especially because people have raved about how much it tastes AND looks exactly like beef. I highly doubt it’s headed to Louisiana anytime soon (the South probably isn’t the target market for fancy fake meat), but hopefully I’ll be able to snag one on a trip at some point!

5. Hard time waking up in the morning? Maybe this app is for you. I personally find that the iPhone’s Classic “Alarm” sound is plenty offensive for my ears, but then again, I’m not a particularly deep sleeper. And I’m pretty sure I HAVE slept through Dexter puking in real life (sorry, C).


Audiobook (on Audible) — I’m almosttt done with Michaelle Obama’s “Becoming”

Paperback — parenting books are on heavy rotation right now; I’ll share a full list at some point in case any other parents-to-be want to pretend that reading about raising children will prepare them in any way for the real thing!

Kindle — I just finished “Bringing Up Bébé” and it will likely be the best parenting book I read before OUR little bebe comes into this world. Highly recommended.

Podcast(s) — Guys, I still can’t get enough of the true crime podcasts. Right now I’m absolutely loving “True Crime Obsessed” — so much so that I’ve paid to be a Patreon subscriber and get exclusive content that you can only get if you donate a few bucks a month. The hosts are hysterical and while it might seem a bit callous to make fun of cases where a real person was murdered, I promise you they do it in a very tasteful way.

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th and is coasting into the weekend feeling a little bit fuller and a whole lot more patriotic. We partook in the very American pastime of grilling out (Big Green Egg FTW!), and I threw together some red/white/blue Chex party mix for our party of two. Dangerous. I’m seriously considering throwing the rest of it in the trash and covering it in liquid soap a-la-Miranda in Sex in The City. But I AM enjoying the fact that it’s only Friday and I still have the whole weekend ahead. Gotta love a Thursday holiday. Until next week!

4th of July Chex party mix
Highly addictive 4th of July Chex Party Mix courtesy of How Sweet Eats (just swap out the Easter themed candies for whatever Holiday you’re currently celebrating!)
photo of Cody and Dexter in front of the Green Egg grill
A boy, his dog, and his grill.

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