Death By The $10 Monthly Subscription

One of my favorite phrases of 2018 went a little something like this... "It's only $10 a month!" Before the internet exploded, subscriptions seemed limited to a) magazines and newspapers, or b) total ripoff service like the Columbia Mail Order CD Club (please tell me someone else remembers this?!). Now, of course, you can literally … Continue reading Death By The $10 Monthly Subscription

Tech Bytes

This week's Tech Bytes are uncharacteristically sliding into your Saturday morning. A combination of the fact that we have a new puppy, and...well, that's really it. We have a new puppy that has turned our lives upside down. In (mostly) a good way! More on him later. If you're like us, you're sitting at home … Continue reading Tech Bytes

Bank School + Road Trippin’ Tech

I don't know about you, but I love a good road trip. Commercial air travel is such a huge hassle that I relish any opportunity to jump in my car instead of on a plane. Unless it's a cross-country trip, in which case it obviously makes zero sense to drive if you're in any kind … Continue reading Bank School + Road Trippin’ Tech