Tech Bytes

Guys. We're THIRTY DAYS out! I know I've been terrible about giving you regular updates on all of my wedding planning activities, and most of you probably couldn't care less about the part-time job that COSTS me money, that I've willingly taken on. But here we are. 30 days. Crazy. When we got engaged back … Continue reading Tech Bytes

Bank School + Road Trippin’ Tech

I don't know about you, but I love a good road trip. Commercial air travel is such a huge hassle that I relish any opportunity to jump in my car instead of on a plane. Unless it's a cross-country trip, in which case it obviously makes zero sense to drive if you're in any kind … Continue reading Bank School + Road Trippin’ Tech

Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks + Apple AirPods

I have a LOT of gadgets. Seriously. I buy all the toys I can get my hands on and that my bank account can handle. There's nothing more fun (to me) than seeing if a piece of technology will be transformational and add real value to my life. 10 years ago, other than the OG … Continue reading Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks + Apple AirPods