New Year’s Tech Housekeeping

I know people have mixed feelings about New Year's Resolutions. Most of my friends and family think they are silly or don't bother with them because they "know they'll never keep them." I don't always make an official list, but with the start of a new year comes at least a perceived fresh start. If … Continue reading New Year’s Tech Housekeeping

Cooling Off in Telluride + Fujifilm Instax Camera

The trip posts keep coming! I swear we don't travel THAT much, but our travel IS heavily concentrated in the summer months when it's a bazillion degrees in New Orleans and you can't even walk from the front door to the car without feeling those dreaded beads of sweat forming on your back. Pretty much … Continue reading Cooling Off in Telluride + Fujifilm Instax Camera

Girl’s Trip to Florence! + Chatbooks

The ability to take a Girl's Trip always has been and always will be extremely important to me. It's not that I don't love the men in my life (my boyfriend, my Dad, my brother), or that I don't enjoy taking trips with them (I do, most of the time, I swear), but my best girlfriends … Continue reading Girl’s Trip to Florence! + Chatbooks

Say Cheese! + iPhone Photography Apps

Today, people are OBSESSED with capturing every photo op. Some might argue that people are more interested in capturing life’s moments on camera than they are with actually LIVING life’s moments. Is it simply just EASIER to take photos these days because our mobile phones double as cameras and are therefore always with us? Or … Continue reading Say Cheese! + iPhone Photography Apps

My Sister Moves to Austin + Instagram

  What a summer! As Emilia, mentioned, we both made some big changes.  After five years at Google (and the last three months spent in the London office), I decided to  try something new and join the start-up world. I loved every minute of my time at Google and I’m so grateful for all the … Continue reading My Sister Moves to Austin + Instagram

Rome + Evernote Food

  I was incredibly lucky to be able to travel to several European cities this spring while working in London and while all were charming in their own way, Rome remains my absolute favorite. I’ll go ahead and say that The Eternal City is my second favorite city in the world after New Orleans. I … Continue reading Rome + Evernote Food