Girl’s Trip to Florence! + Chatbooks

The ability to take a Girl's Trip always has been and always will be extremely important to me. It's not that I don't love the men in my life (my boyfriend, my Dad, my brother), or that I don't enjoy taking trips with them (I do, most of the time, I swear), but my best girlfriends … Continue reading Girl’s Trip to Florence! + Chatbooks

#SB2K13 (spring break 2013) + Airbnb

    Aaaaaaand we’re back! Who knew that graduate school (me) and working for a start-up (Rebecca) would be so time consuming and pull us away from our beloved blog for so long. I can only speak for myself, but reentering the academic world after an 8-year hiatus threw more challenges and curveballs my way … Continue reading #SB2K13 (spring break 2013) + Airbnb