Tech Bytes

1. Did you know that the #Hashtag turned 10 this year?! It might be the Twitter’s single greatest contribution to our lives (other than sports announcer parody accounts, social media mobs, and political debate live streams).

2. TL;DR — even though I had seen this abbreviation all over the internet and had no idea what it meant, I never bothered to look it up. Until now! I finally hit my breaking point and got scared someone would ask me what it meant and I would be exposed. Well, the meaning wasn’t as thrilling as I thought it would be, but at least now I know. Side note: it’s probably used frequently in reference to my posts. I know they’re too long. Brevity has never been my strong suit, but I’m working on it.

3. Have you ever thought of a movie you want to watch, but don’t know if it’s out of theaters yet? Or if it is out of theaters, what streaming service you can watch it on? I have literally Googled “where to stream xxx movie” a million times. I have also wondered why there wasn’t a website or app that aggregated this information. Well, there is. It’s called Watchlist. I actually discovered it through a post by M.G. Seigler, who apparently wondered the same thing, asked Twitter, and had his prayers answered. You can create a “Watchlist” within the app and easily view everything desired above. It’s $2.99, but definitely worth the small price if it’s functionality you’ve been searching for.

4. Do you guys love AirDrop as much as I do? It’s literally one of the greatest Apple features ever created. It takes the awful, painful headache out of transferring photos from one device to another. I use it constantly when transferring photos from my iPhone to a friend’s iPhone, or from my MacBook to my iPhone and vice versa. Truly amazing. It’s pretty easy to use, but I’ll write a short post about it at some point to share its magnificence with the TIRL community. One big question I’ve had though is whether or not AirDrop compresses photos (makes them small and degrades their quality) when sending between devices. Well, luckily someone a lot smarter than I am found a very technical way to prove that it does not. Rejoice! One downside is that AirDrop doesn’t work with Android phones, but I have disowned all of my non-iPhone friends anyways. I kid. Kind of.

5. Is there anything worse than an internet site that blasts you with an auto-play video as soon as the page loads? I mean I guess technically there ARE worse things. But this IS an incredibly annoying #firstworldproblem. Luckily Google is coming to our rescue and enabling some new features in its latest Chrome browser update. Note: If you’re not using Chrome, get on board. I understand Internet Explorer may have come preloaded as your default browser, but change (in this case) is good. Read here to find out more about what Chrome is doing to help combat the websites that expose you in boring work meetings when you’re surfing the web and not paying a bit of attention.

That’s it for this week. I registered for a marketing conference and didn’t realize it started on SUNDAY, so my weekend is down to one measly day. It’s also almost October and still 100 degrees in New Orleans. Sigh. Hope your weekend is twice as long as mine, and a lot cooler!

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