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Did I mention that blogging is hard? I absolutely love to write, and I have a deep passion for the subject matter that I write about, and it’s still really, really hard. We traveled non-stop from the end of July through Labor Day, so posting consistently was a challenge. I think it will get easier as I figure out my process for keeping the blog active week to week. That’s the goal at least! We’re back in the groove in New Orleans (aka the daily grind) so no more excuses. With that said, here’s your weekly dose of Tech Bytes. Enjoy!

1. Tuesday’s Apple event is obviously the hot topic of conversation right now. I wrote two posts this week to keep you current on all the announcements and releases:

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! — a summary of what Apple actually released on Tuesday + a breakdown of the technical specs and pricing for each product.

The Great Upgrade Debate — my thoughts and commentary on the new iPhones that were announced on Tuesday. I also address the big things to consider as you decide whether to upgrade or not, and walk you through how to pre-order the new phones (which can be a tricky thing to navigate!).

Here are a few articles from around the web that provide additional perspective on the new iPhone launch: TechCrunch – I Don’t Want the New iPhone, Apple Insider – Disabling Face ID in a Pinch, The Verge – The Steve Jobs Theatre on Apple’s New Campus, The Verge – What are Animoji?, Techmeme – Search Results for “iPhone”, MacRumors (my favorite iPhone forum)

2. By now everyone’s had a chance to give their 2-cents on Taylor Swift’s new single, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Many are saying it’s the worst thing ever produced in the history of the world (maybe a tad harsh?). Personally, I don’t love it, but don’t hate it. I didn’t like “Shake It Off” either but ended up loving the 1989 album. So I’m holding out hope. I’m no musical genius (or even a musical novice for that matter) but the part of the song I dislike the most is the second part of the chorus. The part where she starts singing, “Look what you made me do…” It just doesn’t flow for me. Anyways, here’s the music video for anyone that hasn’t seen it. And here’s another video with a fun analysis of the “easter eggs” (an intentional inside joke, or a hidden message) inside the new video.

3. Photos that perfectly describe every state. These lists always make me chuckle.

4. Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian seem like an odd couple — world-class tennis player + huge tech nerd (and founder of Reddit). As a tennis fan, I fully appreciate what Serena has accomplished on the court. And as a tech enthusiast, I’m in awe of the platforms that people like Alexis have created. I’ve also heard him speak in person on numerous occasions and he is AWESOME. Funny. Smart. Engaging. So maybe they aren’t such an odd couple after all. Serena just gave birth to their first child (a daughter!), and the story she shares about her journey to motherhood is tissue worthy. Definitely check it out.

5. Have you guys been keeping up with this Equifax data breach? Ugh. What a mess! Of course, I’m on the list. Double ugh. You can sign up for a free year of credit monitoring services if you were affected. There WERE reports that if you did so, you waived your right to sue Equifax in any kind of class action suit. The Company retracted that statement and removed the small print pretty quickly. I already have a credit monitoring service keeping an eye on my accounts, but I figured why not double up. There are articles all over the internet about this, but here’s a good one from NPR that provides some helpful tips and suggestions.

This will be my second weekend home in a longgg time. I’m looking forward to relaxing, watching football, and maybe baking my favorite chocolate chip cookies. It’s supposed to rain, so why not. Happy Friyay!

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