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As mentioned yesterday, it has been a while. So I think a refresher around our “Tech Bytes” posts is in order. Rebecca and I are constantly on the Internet researching and reading about tech, so as a result, we come across a lot of interesting/funny/bizarre things. We often share them with each other to break up the monotony of the 9-5, so we figured, why not share them with you guys too? So every Friday(ish) we’ll be posting Tech Bytes. It’s essentially a weekly “round-up” of sorts. Just a relatively simple list of links to “stuff” around the internet (some tech related, some not), that you will hopefully learn something from, or at least get a good laugh out of. Enjoy!

    • T-Swift is back on Spotify, which makes me REAL happy. Let’s be honest, I would likely have bought every album she ever produced until the day I die, but having her streaming at my fingertips works out nicely too.
    • Some big updates to Snapchat this week! My personal faves are the ability to add links to websites into your Snaps, and the voice changer that sounds like a TV movie murderer calling his victims from a burner phone.
    • Was the word “MEME” intended to be pronounced this way? I’m going to go with, probably not. Although I do love the conviction in her voice. It wasn’t her, dammit!
    • I was the kid in elementary school with a zillion different kinds of pens, pencils, and markers. Perhaps that is why this website speaks to me. I also just generally love the fact that I can find entire websites dedicated to the most niche topics ever. We’re living in incredible times, people!
    • On the flip-side, I can’t believe we live in a day in age where kids would rather watch OTHER kids play with toys rather than play with toys themselves. Unpack that for a second. Oh, and the families of these kids make millions of dollars a year filming them. Unreal.
    • I never got into the Team Jacob vs Team Edward thing, but I AM into Team AMEX vs Team Chase Sapphire. Clearly not as sexy, but I am a credit conscious, finance industry employed, credit card points hungry gal in my 30’s after all.
    • There are only a few things in life that I dislike more than this TV setting. Ok, maybe that’s slightly dramatic. But seriously, do you guys notice this too?! And worse, do you LIKE it?! My boyfriend and I are firmly split on this one, but obviously, I am right.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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