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I often feel pressure to read ONLY things that are highly “intellectual,” but I just spent two longgggg years in business school reading about things like straddles, the Dickey-Fuller Test, and the LIBOR Scandal. I’ve EARNED a break. Plus, summer just feels like the perfect time for “easy-reads.” I’m totally addicted to my Kindle and bring it everywhere – even the most inappropriate places. I take that back. There IS no inappropriate place for Kindle-ing in my world. If I have even three free minutes I’ll bust that sucker out and have no problem at all ignoring everything around me. I’ve read quite a few good books so far, but I’m always looking for more, so any suggestions you can leave in the comments would be much appreciated!

Aside from enjoying digital page-turners from the comfort of my bed (or while waiting in line at Whole Foods), here’s what else I’ve been entertained by this week:

I don’t cook (much or well), so I’ve been tempted to try this. Honestly, it seems like an excuse to be lazy and spend more money, but my Instagram tortures me with delicious pictures of “Plated” food that I can’t fathom coming up with on my own. Thoughts?

I mean, let’s be honest, this is my kind of cooking.

Weather is kinda boring, but this sassy app tells it like it is. It’s not super accurate, but good for a few laughs before you delete it because it’s flat out WRONG 95% of the time.

Yep, these people really do live amongst us. Watch out.

The math nerd in me found this interesting. Although I prefer less work with my bagels. Btw, if you live in NOLA (or are just visiting) you should check out this place. Pretty solid. And if you live in NYC, I hate you for all of your delicious bagel goodness on every corner. We take what we can get down here.

A former Google co-worker introduced me to this site when I was working in Mountain View. I revisited it this week so I thought I’d share. Some good deals. Some crap. Welcome to online shopping.

I’ve seen this circulating the internets over the past week. One can only hope that a woman cleverly retaliates with a graph of her own.

I am IN LOVE with this boy. I could listen to his music FA DAYS. There’s a littleee hate mixed in because it reminds me that I’m angry I never learned how to play an instrument (blames parents). But mostly just love.

I’m brainstorming what to bake for a friend’s housewarming party this weekend. So far this is winning. I’ve tinkered with the recipe like a mad scientist, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s #todiefor.

Hope y’all have something fun planned for the weekend! If you’re in NOLA it may involve some “running” and red dresses. I’m telling you, if nothing else, this city knows how to have fun.


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