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So we’ve decided to try something new. Because Rebecca and I are constantly on the Internet researching and reading about tech, we come across a lot of interesting/funny/bizarre things. We often share them with each other to break up the monotony of the 9-5, so we figured, why not share them with y’all too? So every Friday we’ll be posting “Tech Bytes.” It’s essentially a weekly “round-up” of sorts. Just a simple list of links to “stuff” around the internet (some tech related, some not), that you will hopefully learn something from, or at least get a good laugh out of. Enjoy!

Do you abuse coffee? While also using the Starbucks mobile app? It’s already pretty great, but it’s about to get even better.

How to draw an owl.

We know y’all are cool. But do you want to be the Coolest? It will only cost you $185.

Sand + electronics = disaster. Worry no more.

Airbnb’s (controversial) new logo and look (and a shameless link to our Airbnb post for a refresher on how it works if you’re not familiar with the service).

New emojis are coming! YAY. Although I STILL do not see a BURRITO emoji on this list. WTF?!

My favorite food/lifestyle blogger wrote a book. She’s awesome. I’m sure the book will be too.

NOLA locals – yet another hidden gem in the Bywater. I’m no vegetarian and it was delish.

Mindy Kaling, a.k.a. my Girl Crush, is hilario. We’ve both read her first book and are anxiously awaiting her second.

I mostly hate makeup. But I do love this app. Yep, I’m the weirdo in the store scanning all the product barcodes.

And I did want to find a natural way to clean my makeup brushes. There’s a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this. Shocker.

Trendy has a limit. Bathrooms signs is it. We’ve all been here.

I was he person who waited three years to buy an iPad so I could get the VERY latest version at the ABSOLUTE perfect time. However, my friends often ask me, “Should I buy a new MacBook now, or wait??” Apple product lifecycle guide here.

I once drove 45 min. to a random semi-deserted mall outside of San Francisco to quench a Cinnabon craving. Looking forward to this smell wafting through my apartment this weekend.

And in the spirit of our Uber post this week – try not to be THIS lazy.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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