My Sister Moves to Austin + Instagram

  What a summer! As Emilia, mentioned, we both made some big changes.  After five years at Google (and the last three months spent in the London office), I decided to  try something new and join the start-up world. I loved every minute of my time at Google and I’m so grateful for all the … Continue reading My Sister Moves to Austin + Instagram

Sending & Receiving Money + Chase QuickPay

  So I’ve made some rather big life changes lately, which partially explains the lengthy delay between blog posts. My apologies! Rebecca and I have both had a lot of interesting things to write about but just not a whole lot of time. But rest assured, we’re back!   If you happened to have read … Continue reading Sending & Receiving Money + Chase QuickPay

Rome + Evernote Food

  I was incredibly lucky to be able to travel to several European cities this spring while working in London and while all were charming in their own way, Rome remains my absolute favorite. I’ll go ahead and say that The Eternal City is my second favorite city in the world after New Orleans. I … Continue reading Rome + Evernote Food

Staying Connected + WhatsApp Messenger

Text messaging has changed the way we communicate, but if you’re the one paying the cell phone bill you may have noticed that all those SMS messages come at a price (SMS = “short message service” = text message). In fact, text messaging has repeatedly been shown to be the single most overpriced consumer product … Continue reading Staying Connected + WhatsApp Messenger

Marathon Training + Endomondo Mobile App

Like most women, I’m on a perpetual search for ways to stay in shape. Sitting at a desk all day and doing everything in your power to avoid the box of donuts in the breakroom can certainly be mentally exhausting, but in the end we all need to find something that keeps us physically active … Continue reading Marathon Training + Endomondo Mobile App