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So I wasn’t great about posting during the last couple of months of 2017. Thanksgiving came, and then it just got away from me. Sigh. I put up a couple of posts this week that I hope you enjoyed, and I’ve also been trying to build up a little bit of a queue that I can tap into during weeks where I just don’t have a ton of time to write. So let’s hope that helps me get in a consistent posting groove.

On a separate note, wedding planning is a real roller coaster ride. It’s so fun and exciting, and so incredibly exhausting all at the same time. Unless you’re someone who has thought about every detail of your some-day wedding since you were 15 (not this girl!), until you plan your own you don’t realize just how many details (of all sizes) need to be taken care of. And then there’s how much everything COSTS. Don’t get me started on that.

The bain of my existence during the last month of 2017 — mailing addresses. It is shockingly difficult to get friends and family to send you their current addresses, but at the same time, you’re paralyzed without them. Then once you DO get them, you have to enter them into five different spreadsheets in five different formats, all while making sure one list doesn’t get stale and forgotten. Even for a self-proclaimed Excel power-user, it’s maddening. Then there’s researching how to address an envelope to your awesome gay doctor friend and her wife who live in England. And don’t forget widows who kept their married names, lawyers (are they J.D. or Esquire?!), and people who live in remote towns that have a street address but ALSO a P.O. Box for mail delivery. And finally, there’s the painstaking proof-reading and spell-checking. But by that point, you have zero clue if you originally inputted them correctly from all the emails and texts you got anyway, so you just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Oh, and btw, this was only for our “Save the Dates”! Argh. Just shoot me.

Ok. Rant over. Thanks for sticking with me. On to this week’s Tech Bytes!

1. I stilll don’t have the new Snapchat update, but here’s an article that lays out all the changes (with screenshots!). Does ANYONE have it yet?! #FOMO

2. I was a never a big Monopoly fan, but I remember watching my brother and my grandfather play — and after four hours there would still be no winner. I always thought it was because my grandfather didn’t want to crush him with his superior adult intelligence and make him cry. But maybe they just needed to read the rules more closely?!

3. I have always been a one-GPS app girl, with Google Maps firmly planted on my iPhone home screen. So I’m always excited when Google makes Maps even better, and I think this is a good change!

4. Twitter has ALSO made some good changes to its design and functionality. Most of the changes I’ve liked, but if they were to allow THIS it would save me a ton of unnecessary saving and texting of Tweets to myself just so I can read them later.

5. Apple slowing down old iPhones? Everyone said it was a myth. Until we found out it wasn’t.

My weekends have currently been completely taken over by wedding planning, but it’s all about enjoying the journey, right?? Hope everyone has a great one!

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