Say Cheese! + iPhone Photography Apps

Today, people are OBSESSED with capturing every photo op. Some might argue that people are more interested in capturing life’s moments on camera than they are with actually LIVING life’s moments. Is it simply just EASIER to take photos these days because our mobile phones double as cameras and are therefore always with us? Or … Continue reading Say Cheese! + iPhone Photography Apps

Tech Bytes (August 1, 2014)

Have a wonderful weekend! We'll be at Whitney White Linen Night and Satchmo Fest. Probably drenched in sweat...happy first day of August! --- As follow-up to this week’s RailsGirls post, check out this Kickstarter by the founder of RailsGirls. In case you’re looking for some summer reading, check out the TED list. We’re both writing … Continue reading Tech Bytes (August 1, 2014)

From Helsinki to Los Angeles: The Global Community of RailsGirls

I am not a coder, but I’ve worked for some pretty great tech companies with some of the world’s best programmers and I’ve always been curious to learn a little myself. Lucky for me, there are currently lots of ways to do this. In fact so many, it can be daunting. Which language should I … Continue reading From Helsinki to Los Angeles: The Global Community of RailsGirls

Tech Bytes (July 25, 2014)

So we’ve decided to try something new. Because Rebecca and I are constantly on the Internet researching and reading about tech, we come across a lot of interesting/funny/bizarre things. We often share them with each other to break up the monotony of the 9-5, so we figured, why not share them with y’all too? So … Continue reading Tech Bytes (July 25, 2014)

National Ice Cream Day + Uber

So you may wonder why we're dedicating a post to Uber. Who hasn’t USED Uber, let alone hasn’t HEARD of it?? Well, sadly, there are less fortunate souls that live in less populated (or more technologically resistant) cities (I'm looking at you, New Orleans) that still do not have the luxury of ordering rides from … Continue reading National Ice Cream Day + Uber