The Great Upgrade Debate

Note: In this post I'm sharing my thoughts and commentary on the new iPhones that were announced on Tuesday. I'm also addressing the big things to consider as you decide whether to upgrade or not, and walking you through how to pre-order the new phones. If you want a breakdown of the technical specs and [...]

Keeping Up With the Kar…err, the News: Yahoo News Digest & The Skimm

I really like experimenting with my morning routine. I’m always tweaking it but that’s part of the fun. I love hearing or reading about other people’s routines for ideas. My morning routine varies. Sometimes I’m on a journaling and meditation kick. Or I’m running in the morning and making my green smoothies. My latest thing has [...]

Procrastination + iPhone 5 Unboxing

So as you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m a huge nerd. Besides having an unhealthy obsession with technology, in particular I REALLY love cell phones. Before smart-phones became all the craze I used to switch non-smartphones (also known as "dumbphones") almost every other month. A dumbphone is basically a flip phone...a Razr...any phone you probably [...]