Say Cheese! + iPhone Photography Apps

Today, people are OBSESSED with capturing every photo op. Some might argue that people are more interested in capturing life’s moments on camera than they are with actually LIVING life’s moments. Is it simply just EASIER to take photos these days because our mobile phones double as cameras and are therefore always with us? Or … Continue reading Say Cheese! + iPhone Photography Apps

Tech Bytes (August 1, 2014)

Have a wonderful weekend! We'll be at Whitney White Linen Night and Satchmo Fest. Probably drenched in sweat...happy first day of August! --- As follow-up to this week’s RailsGirls post, check out this Kickstarter by the founder of RailsGirls. In case you’re looking for some summer reading, check out the TED list. We’re both writing … Continue reading Tech Bytes (August 1, 2014)