Procrastination + iPhone 5 Unboxing

So as you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m a huge nerd. Besides having an unhealthy obsession with technology, in particular I REALLY love cell phones. Before smart-phones became all the craze I used to switch non-smartphones (also known as "dumbphones") almost every other month. A dumbphone is basically a flip phone...a Razr...any phone you probably … Continue reading Procrastination + iPhone 5 Unboxing

My Sister Moves to Austin + Instagram

  What a summer! As Emilia, mentioned, we both made some big changes.  After five years at Google (and the last three months spent in the London office), I decided to  try something new and join the start-up world. I loved every minute of my time at Google and I’m so grateful for all the … Continue reading My Sister Moves to Austin + Instagram