Staying Connected + WhatsApp Messenger

Text messaging has changed the way we communicate, but if you’re the one paying the cell phone bill you may have noticed that all those SMS messages come at a price (SMS = “short message service” = text message). In fact, text messaging has repeatedly been shown to be the single most overpriced consumer product [...]

Amsterdam + Custom Google Maps

This past weekend I was in beautiful Amsterdam with my husband and two friends.  It was everyone’s first time visiting so a few weeks before the trip I started searching for recommendations for restaurants, bars, and neighborhoods.  We tend to keep the traditional tourist attractions to a minimum but I wanted to see if anything [...]

Why We Are Writing This Blog

Having both worked for two large tech companies in non-engineering roles over the past few years, we’ve always been surrounded by tech-loving people. Our co-workers were genuinely excited about a new app or about an interesting new person they found to follow on Twitter. People would share tips and new websites over lunch. And the [...]